I’m a clinical psychologist who began my career working in adult and child mental health services in Ireland and the UK and developed a special interest in mental health promotion. Having completed an M.Sc in Strategy and Resource Management, I worked as an organisational psychologist in the field of assessment and management development.

Having also completed an MA in Writing, I developed a practice as an expressive writing practitioner working in the field of cancer support services. I currently work as an expert psychologist and coach in the field of wellbeing and mental health.

I am also a writer and my new book, Five Ways to Better Days was published by Orpen Press in 2019. I am also the author of Writing for Wellbeing published by Currach press in 2013 and my children’s book, Claddagh, the Tale of the Ring was published in 2005. My lifelong passion is how we can foster positive mental health as a society and as individuals. I live with my family on the west coast of Ireland where I’m trying to be a year round swimmer!

What do I offer as a coach?

  1. If you feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed,  I’ll help you establish powerful routines to foster stillness, self-compassion and focus using techniques from positive psychology and neuropsychology.
  2. If you feel lost, unsure what course to do or your next career move, through writing and psychometric assessment, I’ll help you identify core strengths and goals, to dive into your creative potential and let it fly.
  3. If sleep is a problem, I’ll help you, identify stumbling blocks and establish a good sleep pattern.
  4. I have many years experience as a clinical and as an organisational psychologist and in the field of wellbeing as a writer and psychologist.

Writing for Wellbeing

Writing: one of the great hidden resources we have to enhance our wellbeing. Not a lot of people know how good writing can be for you. More than twenty years of studies have shown that people who write visit their doctor less, get fewer colds and have improved immune system functioning among a lot of other good outcomes.


Simplifying your Life

There’s a scene in the film Limitless, when Bradley Cooper takes the drug to help him fully utilise his brain for the first time and one of the first things he does is clean all the piled up dishes and mess in his apartment and create a tranquil clutter free space. The implication is that […]

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Unconsciously Squandered

There’s a line towards the end of Elizabeth’s Stroud’s book, Olive Kitteridge,  when Olive comes to realise something important about her own life: ‘it was because she had not known what one should know: that day after day was unconsciously squandered.’ Its so easy to squander time, not pay attention to what is going on, not fully […]

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Writing down your goals

Evidence from longitudinal studies indicates that writing down your goals makes it much more likely that you will achieve them. But where and how do you write them? For some time now I’ve been using virtual sticky notes as screen savers on my laptop for goals. Big picture goals can be captured in a long […]

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