Patricia McAdoo is a clinical psychologist who began her career working in adult and child mental health services in Ireland and the UK.  From very early in her career Patricia developed a special interest in mental health promotion. 

Having completed an M.Sc in Strategy and Resource Management, Patrica began working as an organisational psychologist mainly in the public sector.  Having also completed an MA in Writing, She developed a practice as an expressive writing practitioner working in the field of cancer support services. She currently works as an expert psychologist and coach in the field of wellbeing and mental health. 

She is also the author of Writing for Wellbeing, Published by curragh press, 2013.  Her new book Five ways to Better Days was published in 2019. Her life long passions how we can foster positive mental health as a society and as individuals.  

She lives with her family on the west coast of Ireland.


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