Game Changer

An interesting area of social psychology is about what influences and persuades us to change in some way and how do we influence others to change?

One way of looking at key influences in your life is to look at those moments when you knew that there was no going back. Something shifted and you were sure that life would not be the same.

Here’s the Oxford dictionary definition of the word game changer:

An eventidea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current way of doing or thinking about something.

Try thinking of times in your life when an event, idea or way of doing things really stopped you in your tracks and you decided to change your own way of doing something or thinking about something.

Maybe a book you read or an article or blog really struck you and you decided to try out the ideas for yourself. Or maybe you started working with someone whose whole approach made you reexamine your own way of doing things. 

What was the event, idea or way of doing things and what was so different about it?

What happened then and how did it all turn out for you?

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