What would I miss?

Today I heard the very poignant love song ‘I’m not going to miss you’ which Glenn Campbell wrote to his wife recently. Sadly he has Alzheimer’s disease and has now entered long term care. The song opens with the line:’I’m still here and yet I’m gone’.

Its easy to be absent rather than present in a relationship, cruising along on automatic pilot, so we’re not really there. ‘I’m still here and yet I’m gone.’

So if you’ve experienced that kind of drifting away, then what is it you might like to say to your partner or maybe to your child, to a parent or a friend? Try writing the words beginning with ‘I’m still here and what I’d like to say to you is…’

A beautiful version of Glenn Campbell singing the song ‘I’m not going to miss you’ can be seen on https://www.youtube.com.

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