In the film Boyhood (2014)a group of four actors were filmed over twelve years by the filmmaker Richard Linklater, to capture the journey of the main character, Mason, from a small boy to his first day in college. It manages to record in a stunningly successful way all the little moments that shape the adult he ultimately becomes, how he reacts and adapts to the circumstances of his life over which, as a young child, he has very little control. Because it was filmed with the same group of actors over such a long time span, the film has a sense of poignancy as we watch through the boy’s eyes as he tries to adapt to house moves, new schools and the issues in his parent’s lives.

We all have home movie reels in our heads of events in our childhood and what we may recall as something of huge significance may not even be remembered by others in the family. Its all a matter of perspective. So why not look at one of your own childhood memories but instead of writing that memory as you remember it try writing about it from the point of view of someone else who was there at the time?

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