Who moved my cheese?

Sometimes we can be devastated when we are hit by a big change that we didn’t see coming. The short book by Dr. Spencer Johnson, Who moved my cheese? is a salutary tale of a couple of mice and a couple of little people whose ‘cheese’ got moved.

One of the key themes of the book is that we have to assume that change will happen. There’s no point in getting too cushy and comfortable about our situation. The mice in the story cope well because when their cheese gets moved, they adapt. They go in search of cheese  in other places and eventually get lucky. We all have various ‘cheeses’, things we value and take pride in but the point is that we have to accept that things can and do change ALL THE TIME.

So write about a time when your cheese got moved?

Describe what happened?

How did you cope?

What did you learn?

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