Change of Heart

This morning in Galway we had typical west coast of Ireland weather which began with dark skies, torrential rain and, as I write, the sun has emerged in all its glory and the sky is a clear blue. The weather here has sudden changes of heart all the time. I like that because it rarely actually rains for the whole day through. At some point everything changes for the better… like right now when my desk is bathed in warm sunlight that did not look at all likely a few hours ago.

But in our lives a sudden change of heart can be very unsettling. One day you wake up and think what am I doing here in this job or in this relationship or in this place? What was I thinking? But the key question is what do you do with this feeling…this thrumming in your brain, in your heart, in your gut that says:

‘No, no no! I want to go to Paris instead! I don’t want to stay in this job! ‘

Sometimes we follow through on these deep gut instincts that we get and sometimes we don’t.   And sometimes we struggle long and hard with changes of the heart. To follow through on a change of heart probably involves high stakes, taking a big risk by leaving the familiar comfortable stuff behind and stepping out into unknown territory.

Try writing about a time when you had a change of heart?

What did you do?

How did it resolve?

And how do you feel about it all now?

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