Taking the plunge

Swimming off the steps at Blackrock, Salthill, Galway on a  sunny morning is a highly sociable event. All the swimmers chat to each other and there’s a lot of friendly banter. Many of them are year round swimmers who know each other well.

This morning a young girl climbed to the top diving board and then hesitated about jumping into the sea. Two of her friends climbed up to give her support. Others swam in the water shouting encouragement. She lingered so long that everyone else got caught up in the moment, watching and waiting. Then she took a little run and jumped in. When she surfaced a huge round of applause greeted her.

Why not write about a time when you took the plunge.  Or like the girl at the diving board, did you hesitate? Describe what it was like when you were trying to decide what to do? Then what happened?

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