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In my blog, I’ll bring you ideas on how to write and enhance your own sense of wellbeing while doing so.  I hope you enjoy the exercises and ideas here.

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Tricia McAdoo

Writing for wellbeing

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Patricia McAdoo is a clinical psychologist with many years experience working in the Irish and UK health services. She is also a fiction writer and completed the M.A. in Writing Programme at the National University of Galway in 2004. Since then she has had a children’s book and short stories published. Her new book, Writing for Wellbeing was published by Currach Press in May 2013.

Reflective Writing

Reflective Writing offers an opportunity to reflect on our work in an open non-judgemental way. It can provide much needed breathing space in which to explore how we work, the decisions we have made, the conflicts we have dealt with, thorny interpersonal issues that arise in teams. It can help identify the gaps in our learning and our need for further training.

Writing for Wellbeing

Writing: one of the great hidden resources we have to enhance our wellbeing. Not a lot of people know how good writing can be for you. More than twenty years of studies have shown that people who write visit their doctor less, get fewer colds and have improved immune system functioning among a lot of other good outcomes. Writing for Wellbeing is available to purchase on Amazon

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Writing down your goals

Evidence from longitudinal studies indicates that writing down your goals makes it much more likely that you will achieve them. But where and how do you write them? For some time now I’ve been using virtual sticky notes as screen savers on my laptop for goals.... read more

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